Welcome to Bråddared's Horse for Health & Well-being

Bråddared's Horse for Health & Well-being offers horse-assisted activities, therapy and rehabilitation as well as inspiration for personal development. We also provide guidance and education in animal-assisted activities and green rehabilitation. The activities are based in research and is continuously evaluated scientifically.


A session usually consists of two parts. The first part consists of communicative activities together with the horse or observation of horses in interaction with each other. The other part consists of a reflective dialogue to deepen the understanding of the interaction with the horse and how this understanding relates to life in general.


Five specific abilities that can be developed specifically in relation to horses are:

1) - to identifye one's own and other's feelings

2) - to identify one's own and other's thoughts patterns

3) - to identify communication patterns and how it affects interaction 

4)  - to develop confidence in one's own ability to handle challenges

5)  - to make a concrete experience of how trust is felt in the body.